Children's Trampoline Time

Grand Adventure Children's Place is more than just games and activities. While being hosted out of Airborne Trampoline KW in Cambridge, our children participate in optional safe and fun trampoline time hosted by certified trampoline coaches. Each jump time includes games, skills, and free play under the direct supervision of the counselor team of Grand Adventure Children's Place.

The Children's Play Room

All participants at Grand Adventure Children's Place enjoy a large children's play room filled with toys and activities. Fully supervised by G.A.C.P. coaches and counselors, the children play and socialize in a safe environment with clean and safe toys catered to the age range of the kids.

New Toys To Keep Things Fresh

We know all too well that children have a short attention span. Grand Adventure Children's Place is always adding new toys and activities to the play room to keep the kids entertained. All toys are cleaned and sanitized to ensure a germ free environment for all participants.

Experienced Counselors and Coaches

With over 20 years experience hosting day camp programs, Grand Adventure Children's Place is proud to offer day time care for busy parents who need to drop off their children for a few hours, or a whole day. We cant wait to host your children in our fantastic day programs including Childcare, Day Camp, Babysitting, and more!

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